Advantages of Mobile Phones are Many- Are We ready for Disadvantages

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You ask anyone carrying a mobile phone about the advantages of mobile phone and you will be surprised to listen to an endless list of advantages of mobile phones. True Indeed! There are countless advantages of mobile phones. Just as the wheel gave us mobility so has the mobile phone! In their power to change the world, as I see it, the two inventions are somewhere up there with each other.

Advantages of Mobile phones what power in a fist! If you own a mobile phone, you form a part of a vast chain of humanity that can connect to each other practically anywhere in the world. Finally, you are not alone.

The objective of this article is not just to follow the treaded path and describe the obvious advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones. In this article, I will cruise you through some of the lesser-known advantages of messaging feature of mobile phones and also share with you some secretes that will help you to safely enjoy this wonderful gadget that has changed the way the world communicates.

What caused mobile services to sizzle was the introduction of value added services after the emergence of digital phones.

Advantage SMS – The Demise of Pagers

The first advantage of mobile phones was the introduction of SMS – the short message service. It permitted short messages a la pagers to go to any user anywhere anytime. While it did give rise to a sex industry – some called it the sex message service – it revolutionized business communication between traveling employees and their controlling office.

SMS scores over e-mail in being available 24×7, being discreet so that it is possible to get a message during meetings or presentations. It is also cheaper to SMS than to ring up. Pagers are of course dead. However, SMSing has become a craze among and it is nothing less of an addiction. However, the SMS wave has engulfed people of all ages and occupations, people young at heart are more addicted to SMS.

Some advantages of Mobile Phone’s SMS alerts are:

  • Access to latest news
  • Reliable low cost communication tool for brief information
  • Economic and discreet method for selective communication
  • Cricket scores and sports updates
  • Examination and interview alerts and results
  • Astrological Predictions
  • Weather information
  • Alerts for Credit card dues and utility bills
  • Travel Information
  • Alerts for new Email message or missed calls

The advent of Multimedia Messaging services has added a new dimension to the advantage of mobile phones.

Some advantages and features of MMS are:

  • Delivery of voice mail messages
  • Delivery of picture messages
  • Sharing pictures made fast and easy with camera phones
  • Better gaming experience
  • Better ring tones and wallpapers
  • Useful for news organizations to capture and share news clips
  • Possibility of features like Video talk

The Advantage of mobile phones and SMS and MMS are many but you have to guard yourself and your dear ones against their disadvantages as well. SMS and the latest MMS (multimedia messaging service) have given rise to the porn industry. Many incidences have become known where people and even teenage students have been sharing and transmitting sexually explicit messages and pictures through their mobile phones. If your phone is traced to any such incidence, you could be in a bigger trouble for few minutes of fun.

Because of such incidences and widespread use of mobile phones for spreading sexually explicit content, the Government is contemplating steps for regulating mobile phone content. You should take the following steps to prevent your phone being used for illegitimate and unwanted use and to cut on unnecessary mobile phone bills.

  • Check if the younger member of your family is showing undue keenness towards your mobile phone.
  • Never leave your phone unattended and make it password protected if you have to leave it with someone.
  • Never become members of unknown MMS or SMS groups.
  • Never respond to messages from unknown people or groups
  • Avoid participating in contests and polls because they could jack up your mobile phone bills.
  • Avoid sending messages just for fun.

Be extra careful while using SMS dating or chat services because they could land you into bigger troubles.

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