Portland Clowns, Olive Rootbeer and Dingo Dizmal, Perform at Thanksgiving Holiday Benefit Hosted by Safeway and St. Ignatius

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Portland, OR: Sunday, November 22nd, 2015, From 12-2pm at the Safeway store on 3930 SE Powell Blvd in Portland. OR, Olive and Dingo will perform and offer balloon twisting to attendees who wish to support the Portland community to fundraise for free holiday meals for those in need. All you have to do is come laugh and play, ask for them to twist your favorite balloon animal or use your imagination and make any donation you possibly can. All proceeds from Olive and Dingo’s show will go directly to this benefit.

Dingo states “It is our hope to twist so many animal and rainbow balloons, and raise so much money for our community, that no one goes without food this holiday season.” Olive notes “We love using what we love to do to help our community. Clowns have often represented the underserved and created relief for those in need.”

Portland is exactly the kind of city where one would expect clowns to provide daily entertainment to the curious and dynamic kid-pop and their hip parents. Parents regularly choose to attend play cafes- cafes where everything is arranged to enthrall inquiring young minds. Additionally, adults can find a moment of solace or comfort while sipping lattes of locally roasted coffees and watching their children climb boulders, or play in a sandbox, or listen to a story read by Olive and Dingo. Play cafes, in part, exist in a sustainable way due to revenue generated by attendees to regular performances by local artists. They build community bonds between parents and families and children who might not otherwise interact.

Olive and Dingo are Portland’s favorite Clowns. They are like a weekly television show for local children- the performance begins with their arrival on giant welded, 3 story tall bikes painted in radical colors with patches of rust. Their costumes are layered with hope and humor. The lessons they impart through the stories they read and the songs they sing are actually profound- they want children to know their ABC’s, and they want children to hear the song in a storybook, or how to use color to create comedy. Olive and Dingo are more than clowns in the proverbial sense- they are emblems of emotional freedom. The history of clowns and all they represent is portrayed in Olive and Dingo.
If we delve into memories of our younger selves what we will remember about having fun has a lot to do with clowns. It has a lot to do with balloons and the things created from song, dance, color and art. For centuries the heritage of clowns has carried with it hard work, and Olive and Dingo are no different. Dingo has been a clown for more than 18 years, having joined the circus at the young age of 17 years old and later settling in Portland, OR to continue professional clowning. Olive has always had a strong interest in humanity and arts and she brought balloon twisting into their performances.

Olive and Dingo would like to personally invite you to make this Thanksgiving Holiday an incredible experience for helping those who are in great need. You are cordially invited to attend the event at Safeway this Sunday to laugh, play and to give back to your community.

For questions about Olive and Dingo, you can visit them directly on their website: oliveanddingo.com.